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  • How does the Lesson Subscription Program Work?
    Our program accommodates flexible start dates throughout the month. Upon enrollment, we secure the selected day and time for each student, fostering a commitment to consistent attendance. Recognizing the challenges of today's busy lifestyles, our structured 60-minute lessons, scheduled once a week, seamlessly integrate into family schedules. Renowned at a national level, our teaching techniques yield commendable results with students who faithfully attend their weekly sessions. Consistency and repetition are paramount for success, with noticeable progress typically observed after the eighth lesson. For those desiring additional instruction, multiple weekly sessions are accommodated. Should you need a break from lessons, simply submit a written Cancellation Notice at least 30 days before your last lesson. This allows us to accurately bill your final month and halt future payments, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • How do I Sign up for Lessons?
    We require everyone to sign up for an Intro lesson and tour. You can do this by clicking the linkHere If you have had lessons with us before, you already have an account and there is no need to create a new one. You contact us through Email or Call us at 928.301.7588 Once enrolled, you own this day and time. We are committed to seeing you each week in this class until you give us a 30-day written cancellation notice to end your class. For absences and makeup, eligibility see FAQ.
  • How does Tuition Work?
    At Sun State Riding Academy, we offer hassle-free tuition options to streamline your equestrian journey. To secure monthly rates, enrollment in our auto-debit program is required, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment process. Please note that auto-debit fees are non-refundable. In the rare event of a declined card, a $100 fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. For those who prefer an alternative to auto-debit, a non-refundable prepayment for the upcoming month is required by the 25th of the preceding month. This timely settlement helps avoid incurring a $75 late fee (e.g., settle by January 25 for February lessons). We believe in making your equestrian experience as enjoyable as possible, including a straightforward payment process to keep your focus where it belongs—on the joy of riding. **Note: Our tuition structure adheres to a standard monthly rate, recognizing that some months encompass an additional week, resulting in five lessons instead of the usual four. This surplus session is factored into our overall annual scheduling, where strategic breaks are planned to accommodate the welfare and rest periods necessary for our horses. Consequently, while one month may offer five lessons, another month may consist of three sessions. This approach ensures the sustainability of our equine program and aligns with our commitment to the well-being of both our riders and our valued equine partners.
  • What do I Need to Wear for Lessons?
    After EIGHT LESSONS at Sun State Riding Academy, we require our riders to own their own boots, riding pants, and riding gloves. We believe that after 8 lessons, you are able to tell if your rider is interested enough to continue. Helmet, Boots, pants, and gloves do a large part in allowing our instructors to see the proper position of our riders. We prefer breeches or bootcut jeans for our riders. We recommend zip up black riding boots rather than laced for our English discipline riders. For our Western riders we prefer riding boot i.e. cowboy boots. There are many helmets on the market, but please purchase one that is ASTM Approved/SEI Certified or MIPS Certified. Helmets should be fitted properly so please ask our instructors for recommendations. We also, recommend black in case your rider ever wants to show. ** Don't hesitate to ask your instructor for reputable vendors we approve online.
  • What if I'm Going to Be Absent from a Lesson?
    We kindly request a 24-hour notice if a rider cannot attend a scheduled lesson. Each rider is entitled to one makeup lesson per month. The makeup will an un-mounted lesson, date announced at the beginning of the month. Missed Lesson without 24-Hour Notice: Riders who fail to attend a scheduled lesson without providing a 24-hour notice will forfeit their makeup lesson entitlement. Excessive No-Shows or Late Cancels: Riders risk losing their designated riding time slot if they miss more than two consecutive lessons without proper notice. Cancellation by the Riding Program: If we cancel a scheduled lesson, we will credit your next month's account. Late Arrival Policy: If a rider is over 20 minutes late for a scheduled lesson, there will not be sufficient time for grooming, tacking up, and the lesson itself. In such cases, the rider forfeits that day's lessons.
  • How to Put a Stop or Hold on My Lesson?
    To cancel your Riding Lesson Program subscription, please provide a written notice at least 30 days in advance of the intended cancellation date. Please submit your cancellation request via email to Please be aware you still lose this spot in our scheduling.
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