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Helping Students Grow

At Sun State Riding Academy, our team of dedicated riding instructors brings a wealth of expertise and a shared passion for equestrian excellence to every lesson. Trained in diverse disciplines, our instructors are committed to fostering a positive and enriching environment for riders of all levels. Beyond their technical prowess, our instructors share an unwavering passion for horses and the transformative power of the equestrian experience. Their genuine love for the equine world creates a warm and supportive atmosphere that inspires confidence and camaraderie among our riders.



Advanced Dressage Course Instructor

Danielle's equestrian journey is a truly remarkable tale that began at a young age. Her deep-rooted passion for horses ignited when she started working at the barn at the tender age of 13. By the time she was leaving for college, she was already teaching lessons, a testament to her early dedication and talent.


Her path took a pivotal turn when she transferred to Colorado State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science, combining her academic and equestrian passions. Post-graduation, Danielle became a partner at the previously named, Future Hope Equestrian, now rebranded as Sun State Riding Academy, diving into the Arabian circuit with a focus on Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, and Sport Horse Under Saddle.


Danielle's dedication to excellence is evident through her training under the guidance of multiple talented riders including Canadian Olympian Gina Smith, whose instructions have played a crucial role in her equestrian journey. Danielle's achievement of the USDF Bronze Medal, earned alongside her trusted companion, the Bavarian Warmblood Alessandro, reflects her commitment to continuous improvement in the equestrian arena. Her drive to push boundaries and seek additional qualifications is a testament to her unwavering passion for her craft.


In addition to her competitive endeavors, Danielle specializes in training intermediate and advanced students who aspire to excel in various equestrian disciplines. Danielle's expertise encompasses Classical Dressage, as well as jumping, low-level eventing, and Western Dressage. She has successfully coached clients to Regional Championships and National Qualifications, a testament to her coaching prowess. Danielle's unwavering passion and commitment to the equestrian world shine through in all she does.


Advanced Hunter/Jumper Course Instructor

Chelsea is a dedicated lifelong equestrian who achieved her Bachelor of Science in Equestrian Science from the esteemed William Woods University in 2012, with a Minor in Equine Administration. Since then, she has immersed herself in the world of equestrian excellence, participating in prestigious USEF A-Rated competitions and attending clinics led by nationally and internationally acclaimed clinicians.


In her role as a Hunter-Jumper instructor, Chelsea exhibits a unique talent for tailoring training programs to suit each client's specific needs, as well as the individual abilities and talents of their horses. This personalized approach ensures that every lesson is a carefully crafted experience focused on safety, education, and mutual growth for both horse and rider. Together, they work tirelessly to achieve their shared goals, fostering a partnership built on trust, skill, and determination.


HorseSense Beginner/Intermediate Lesson Instructor

BIO and Photo coming soon!


HorseSense Beginner/Intermediate Lesson Instructor

BIO and Photo coming soon!

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