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Sun State Equestrian Club


Welcome to Sun State Riding Academy, where we are dedicated to providing an exceptional boarding experience for our club members tailored to you and your beloved equine companion. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring that both you and your horse receive the highest level of care and attention.


24/7 Onsite Management for Your Peace of Mind


At Sun State Riding Academy, your horse's well-being is our top priority. We have a dedicated onsite manager available around the clock, ensuring continuous care, monitoring, and immediate assistance with any special needs or concerns you may have.


Expert Veterinary Care at Your Fingertips


Our primary care veterinarian regularly visits our facility to oversee your horse's health. These scheduled visits are conveniently displayed on our clubhouse calendar, allowing you to easily add your horse to the list for examination. In emergencies, our veterinary team is readily available. Of course, you are welcome to choose your preferred veterinary physician from among the local veterinarians if you wish. 

**Please note that veterinary care and services are not included in boarding fees.


All Inclusive Boarding


Our All Inclusive Boarding is $1200 a month and offers a host of amenities for your horse's comfort and well-being, including:

- A spacious 12 x 24 outdoor matted stall with a shade cover.

- (We also offer a limited number of double stalls measuring 24 x 48 at an increased monthly rate; please contact us for availability.)

- Daily stall cleaning and responsible manure management to promote pasture grass growth and we offer fly management to minimize fly breeding.

- Customized feeding twice daily, fresh water, including owner-provided grain, supplements, and medications as per your instructions. We feed alfalfa and bermuda hay morning and evening, or as directed. The package includes up to 4 flakes per day, with additional flakes available upon request for an extra fee.

- Client provided sheet/blanket, and fly masks put on/removed seasonally

- Tailored turn-out options, including group and individual pasture access, based on your horse's specific needs and your preferences. We also offer small dry lot turnout for horses with dietary restrictions.


Full Facility Access


As a boarder at Sun State Riding Academy, you'll enjoy full access to our comprehensive amenities, including:


- 2 round pens

- 1 large regulation full-size dressage arena (20m x 60m)

- 1 small regulation dressage arena (20m x 40m)

- A fully fenced 113ft x 165ft jumping arena

- A dedicated trail obstacle area

- Access to our picturesque riverside trail system

- A well-equipped wash rack with hot and cold water

- Grooming areas for your horse's comfort

- A spacious tack room with lockers

- A climate-controlled lounge featuring an information center, calendar, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, tables, and cozy couches

- An ADA accessible restroom conveniently located in the Tack building

- The use of the Exam/Service stall during visits from your veterinarian, farrier, and other practitioners.


Enhance Your Horse's Well-Being


For those seeking an extra touch of luxury in their boarding experience, we provide access to a range of equine wellness practitioners, including Equine Massage, Chiropractic care, Acupressure, BEMER vascular therapy, and more.


At Sun State Riding Academy, we're dedicated to creating a boarding experience that exceeds your expectations. Your horse's happiness and health are our utmost priorities. Join us today and experience the difference in equestrian excellence.

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