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Horse Training - Unlock Your Horse's Potential

At Sun State Riding Academy, our trainers work with horses at all stages of their careers to help them reach their full potential. We understand that every horse is different, and we tailor our training programs to the individual needs of each horse and rider.

Our training services include:

  • Performing specific skills or exercises associated with both Western and Classic Dressage disciplines, as well as Show Jumping and Hunters: This helps horses develop the skills and conditioning necessary to compete in a variety of disciplines.

  • Ground work: This helps horses learn basic commands and build a strong bond with their handler.

  • De-sensitizing: This helps horses become more comfortable around new people, places, and objects.

Training sessions start at $45 per hour. We also offer customized training packages that provide substantial savings with a multi-session agreement.


Monthly Training Packages:

  • Conditioning: Includes 2 sessions per week ~ $345

  • Performance: Includes 4 sessions per week - $650

  • Comprehensive: Includes 5 sessions per week ~ $800

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